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What Is National Tattoo Removal Day?

National Tattoo Removal Day is an annual celebration of the advanced procedure of laser tattoo removal. National Tattoo Removal Day was founded to support patients that have undergone laser tattoo removal, encourage individuals interested in removing their tattoos, and promote awareness about this innovative procedure. National Tattoo Removal Day also recognizes the many talented practitioners that offer and perform laser tattoo removal at their business.

When did laser tattoo removal become popular?

While tattoos have been around for centuries, these body modifications have risen in popularity since the 20th century and are now considered a staple in today’s culture. However, as tattoo popularity continues to rise, so does the number of individuals with tattoo regret. A 2016 study from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported that 52,675 tattoos were removed using laser tattoo removal that year alone; a 12 percent increase from 2015 – now that’s something worth celebrating! Thanks to technological advancements in laser technology, laser tattoo removal is now considered the safest, most effective method for removing unwanted ink worldwide.

Why is it celebrated on August 14th?

National Tattoo Removal Day is celebrated on August 14 because of two other nationally recognized days: National Tattoo Day (July 17) and Valentine’s Day (February 14). National Tattoo Removal Day follows one month after National Tattoo Day and is six months prior to Valentine’s Day.

If someone got a new tattoo on July 17 to celebrate National Tattoo Day and ended up not liking it, they’d have to wait a minimum of four to six weeks before getting it removed with a laser. This time period is necessary to give the skin enough time to heal before receiving laser treatment. Therefore, people that got a bad or regretful tattoo on National Tattoo Day would have enough time to think about getting it removed on National Tattoo Removal Day.

The second reason National Tattoo Removal Day is celebrated on August 14 stems from one of the top patient motivations for seeking laser tattoo removal; a relationship break-up. Many people get the name of their girlfriend or boyfriend permanently tattooed on their skin as a sign of commitment and love. However, that tattoo can be a very painful and unwanted reminder when that relationship comes to an end. National Tattoo Removal Day is six months out from Valentine’s Day which is typically how long it takes to remove a basic black name tattoo (4 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart). That being said, August 14 is the perfect date for patients to start laser tattoo removal treatment and have their ex-partner’s name removed in time for a new romance on Valentine’s Day.

Who can celebrate it?

Everyone from existing laser tattoo removal patients, individuals interested in starting the laser tattoo removal process, laser tattoo removal technicians, clinics that offer laser tattoo removal, non-profit organizations that provide free or discounted laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal laser manufacturers, laser training schools and more! Anyone that loves and has benefitted from laser tattoo removal should celebrate National Tattoo Removal Day.

How can we celebrate it?

If you’ve been contemplating getting laser tattoo removal, August 14 is the day to do so. Whatever motivation you have for removing your tattoo, don’t wait any longer. Get connected with a laser tattoo removal provider near you and remove your unwanted ink today! Previous laser tattoo removal patients can celebrate by sharing about their treatment experience and posting successful before and after photos. Laser tattoo removal providers can also celebrate by offering treatment discounts for the national day.

Most importantly, use #NationalTattooRemovalDay on social media to spread the word. You can also Like National Tattoo Removal Day on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nationaltattooremovalday/

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